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Founded in 1984 by visionary Jim Meissner, Color Ink Printing Company has left an indelible mark on the Wisconsin printing landscape. What began as a modest venture has blossomed into a distinguished company known for its commitment to innovation, precision, and creative expression.

Prior to founding the company, Jim Meissner was a graphic designer and creative director. At that time, Jim was purchasing such a significant amount of print materials that he ultimately chose to acquire a printing press and venture into the realm of commercial printing. With the steadfast support of his wife, Sue, Color Ink established itself as a prominent provider of print media solutions.

Two black and white polaroid photos overlapping each other featuring the same person. In one, the individual is reading; in the other, looking upward.

Quickly outgrowing a modest building in Hartland, WI, Jim purchased a Meissner family dairy farmland plot on a then undeveloped intersection in Sussex, WI. Several expansions and renovations later, Color Ink operates in two buildings, with 105,000 sq. ft. of space on the old family dairy farm. The facility features a complete pre-press department, a sheet-fed press room, small & wide format digital presses, a complete bindery, mailing & fulfillment operations, and plenty of warehousing space to facilitate nationwide distribution and long-term storage of finished goods.

A legacy continues. Today, the company continues to be fully family-owned and operated. With nearly four decades of experience in the trade, Color Ink’s business model has expanded well beyond commercial printing. Throughout the years, they came to recognize that to empower customers across the nation with the means to elevate their brands, Color Ink needed to provide comprehensive, end-to-end print and marketing solutions. From initial design to final production and seamless distribution, their team of seasoned industry professionals possess the insight and expertise to optimize the client’s marketing investment.

Color Ink’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation has firmly established its standing as an industry leader, earning the respect and trust of both valued customers and fellow peers in the field.

Color Ink's


At Color Ink, our philosophy is rooted in a dedication to excellence. We uphold this commitment through multiple principles:

Advanced Technology, Education, and Service: We leverage cutting-edge technology to offer superior services in a fast-paced environment. We prioritize customer education to empower our clients in making informed decisions about their print projects.

Effective Communication: Our goal is to facilitate our clients in conveying their messages through printed materials. We understand the power of well-executed print in effective communication.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our team of devoted professionals places customer satisfaction at the forefront of all our efforts. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and credibility in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

Enhanced Customer Experience: We acknowledge that top-tier customer service not only enhances the customer experience but also lays the foundation for meeting future needs.

These principles underpin everything we do, driving us to provide exceptional services and build lasting relationships with our valued clients.

Mission Statement

Color Ink’s mission is clear and resolute: we aim to earn the respect and trust of our customers, vendors, and industry peers by relentlessly pursuing excellence in visual marketing. We pledge to uphold this mission by:

Unwavering Integrity: Our commitment to unwavering integrity serves as the bedrock of our operations, ensuring that our actions and decisions are always guided by honesty and transparency.

Superior Customer Service: We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service, consistently exceeding expectations to provide the best experience for our clients.

Award Winning Quality: Our promise is to deliver top-notch quality in every project we undertake, setting a standard for excellence in all our endeavors.

Empowering Our Team: We equip our team with the finest resources and cutting-edge technology to foster creativity and ensure the achievement of positive results.

Through this mission, we strive to set new benchmarks in visual marketing, build trust and enduring partnerships, and consistently deliver exceptional value to all our stakeholders.

Centrally Located

Color Ink resides in the small midwestern town of Sussex, WI. With our central location within the United States, we are able to ship products to each coast and everywhere in between in a timely manner.


At Color Ink, adaptability is in our DNA. We embrace change and innovation, ensuring that we continuously evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and the ever-shifting demands of the market. Our agility and willingness to embrace new ideas and technologies drive our ability to provide flexible and effective solutions to our clients. We stand ready to adjust, pivot, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.


Integrity is the cornerstone of Color Ink's values. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, fostering trust and credibility in all our actions, decisions, and relationships. Our commitment to integrity is unwavering, ensuring that we consistently deliver on our promises and maintain the trust of our clients and partners.


Creativity is at the heart of Color Ink. We are passionate about unleashing our creative potential to provide innovative solutions for our clients. Our commitment to fostering a culture of creativity drives us to think outside the box, explore new possibilities, and deliver imaginative and unique results that captivate and inspire.


Safety is our top priority at Color Ink. We are committed to providing a secure work environment, adhering to industry standards, and promoting safety awareness for our team and the communities we serve.


Empowerment is our guiding principle at Color Ink. We empower our team with the resources, knowledge, and trust needed to excel in their roles. By doing so, we foster a culture of ownership, innovation, and growth, enabling our employees to reach their full potential and contribute to the success of our clients and the company as a whole.

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