6 Ways to Differentiate Yourself with Wide Format Digital Printing and Finishing Products

If you could get 50% of people who encounter your branding not only to notice it and take note of what’s advertised, but also talk about it with other people, wouldn’t you leap at the opportunity? Like a giant billboard at a high-traffic intersection will command attention, so do wide format digital printing products.  POP displays, wall signage, and trade show displays drive engagement and capture more of your audience’s attention.  Generate more brand recognition and sales by partnering with a digital print service expert that can help you reach those goals.

Here are six reasons why you should consider wide format digital printing products:

  1. Increasing Visibility and Boosting Brand Recognition – You want to reach the largest possible audience, but you also want to capture their attention. Wide format digital printing allows you to produce high-quality images with rich colors and graphics to catch customers’ eyes. This is true for in-store merchandising, trade show booths, and sales kits that elevate your product’s brand. In crowded settings, you want to stand apart from the crowd and be part of every conversation.


  2. Cohesive Branding with Oversize Media – Whether you are rebranding, launching a new product, or showcasing your business at a trade show, it’s vital to streamline printed collateral across all production methods. Wide format printed products can include anything from indoor displays to outdoor products capable of standing up to the elements. Wide format digital printing and finishing can transform flat media into attention-grabbing dimensional structures that supplement your traditional print media.


  3. Execution  – Oversize media can be complex, but working with a printer that knows how to execute is a vital component to make your wide format printed campaign a success. From the structural and graphical design phase, there are many considerations that go into developing oversize media. Planning for shipment and final assembly of POP displays or trade show booths need to be at the forefront of the design process. There are plenty of design options to create free-standing dimensional displays without the need for tools, hardware, or complex assembly.


  4. Going Green – Everyone wants to do their part for the environment, and wide format printing can be a key part of a greener approach. The process generates less waste during production, and the durability of those products means they are being replaced less frequently. Many brands have also embraced the use of more sustainable media like low-cost corrugate to create structural displays to hold, showcase, or transport products.


  5. Saving Money –Wide format digital printing equipment gives you the best of both worlds, with the design flexibility and less overall waste. Without the reliance on processes such as label mounting and conventional die cutting, there are less upfront costs, which gives you the ability to make buying decisions more strategically. This means quicker turn times and increasing the order frequency to minimize the risk of obsolete printed media.


  6. Create a “Wow” Factor– Due to the structural rigidity and design flexibility that digital wide format media provides, you can incorporate light, motion, sound, or video displays into almost any display, sales kit, or trade show booth. Consider developing a custom-branded Plinko machine or slot machine to your next trade show event to add an interactive element that engages your audience.

Taking your marketing to the next level is as simple as looking to the right service providers. Wide format digital printing can transform the way you market your business. Color Ink can help you find the best options and help you stand out from the crowd.

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