Print Marketing in the Digital Age: Where Do We Stand?


A lot of people say, “print is dead”. Despite the rise of digital marketing, print isn’t going anywhere. It’s simply evolving. While the internet has changed the way we consume information, print media is still an important part of our lives. Signage, packaging, and direct mail continue to play a role in the way we learn, discover, and connect with the world around us.

Why is Print Marketing Still a Valuable Tool for Businesses Today?

1. It’s Tangible

Tangible materials provide potential customers with something to hold onto and view at their convenience, which leaves a lasting impression versus online advertisements. The best part is that print marketing allows you to put your message directly into the hands of your target audience, ensuring that they see your company’s branding in a tangible way. 

How many times have you received an email, or seen an ad on one of your social media platforms and either scrolled past it immediately or unsubscribed? Getting a physical piece of mail can be a more memorable experience. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that not everyone uses the internet or makes purchasing decisions online. Print marketing allows you to reach a demographic that prefers to receive a physical brochure over watching a video or scrolling past a picture.

Think about the last time you were at a retail store and gravitated to a product based on the packaging. Basing purchasing decisions on packaging happens more often than you would think!

2. Print Marketing is More Trustworthy Than Digital

Print marketing is becoming increasingly important as a way to prove authenticity and build trust with consumers. According to the International News Media Association, 82 percent of internet users trust print ads when making a purchase decision, more than any other advertising medium. Why? 

We live in a world where fake online advertising, phishing, and scams are becoming more common. This leads to consumers being wary of giving out their personal data and less trustworthy of online advertising. Print marketing provides a way to connect with potential customers without asking for any sensitive information. 

This does not mean digital marketing is ineffective or bad, but rather that there is a certain level of trust between businesses and their customers when it comes to print marketing. Digital marketing materials are easier to fake than print materials – and when a company invests in printed materials, it shows that they are dedicated to producing a high-quality product. This attention to detail builds trust with potential customers and helps them feel confident about doing business with the company.

3.It Allows Businesses to Connect With Their Customers On a Personal Level

Print marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses connect with customers on a more personal level. Unlike digital marketing, which can often feel impersonal and interruptive, print marketing allows businesses to physically reach out to their customers and deliver a message in a more direct way.

You can use print marketing collateral such as business cards, flyers, and postcards to reach out to your target audience, and the tactile nature of these materials can help create a connection that mimics the physical act of shaking hands.

In any business’s marketing strategy, print marketing can play an important role, and if used effectively, it can help you build long-term relationships with your customers. You can even incorporate variable data or personalized elements to draw your target audience in further.

Even in a digital world, print marketing is still an extremely valuable tool for businesses. By combining print and digital marketing strategies, you can create a well-rounded approach that will set your business up for success. If you’re interested in learning more about how print marketing can benefit your business, contact us today. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you with all your unique and creative printing needs!

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